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ICSEEA 2014 Publications

  • ICSEEA 2014 Proceeding (ISBN 978-602-17952-1-7) has been available in electronics version and printed version.
  • Free electronics version of ICSEEA proceeding (full set and offset) has been sent to the author via email.
  • Printed version of ICSEEA proceeding is available in limited number and may be ordered at the conference event. Ordered printed version proceeding will be sent to around March 2015 via post.


  • In order to be published on the Proceeding, all accepted papers should follow these following stage:
    • Notification of acceptance; after the closing date of online submission, ICSEEA editorial board will announce the paper accepted to be reviewed.
    • Reviewing process; the paper will be sent to the international reviewers and the reviewers will send back the suggestions and recommendation.
    • Revision (if needed); if the international reviewers demand any revision, authors should comply every suggestion from the reviewers and send the revision back to ICSEEA Secretariat.
    • Oral/poster presentation announcement; every paper completed the reviewing and revision stages will be included in ICSEEA Programs consisting the schedule of oral and poster presentation.
    • Presentation; all accepted paper should be presented at the designated schedule at the conference event. The absence of the authors will be considered as cancelation.
    • Editing; after the conference event, the editorial board will perform comprehensive copy edit to adjust every paper to scientific international writing standard. Author should comply with every request from copy editor according copy edit process.
    • Layout; after completing copyedit, layout team will create galleys.
    • Proofread; author and proofreader should detect any possible error on the galley.
    • Publication; every completed galley will be immediately included in the table of content.


  • Under a specific separate agreement, selected peer-reviewed ICSEEA 2014 papers will be sent to be published by Energy Procedia (imprinted by Elsevier and indexed by Scopus) with no additional charges
  • Electronic version of Energy Procedia can later be accessed in Science Direct at
  • After the conference event, printed version of Energy Procedia can be ordered directly to Elsevier Ltd. ICSEEA Committee will not provide the printed version of Energy Procedia.
  • To avoid double publication, selected paper sent to Energy Procedia has been automatically drawn from ICSEEA Proceeding.


ICSEEA 2014Proceeding (ISBN 978-602-17952-1-7)


Energy Procedia (ISSN 1876-6102)

Selected peer-reviewed paper will be published in Energy Procedia (Imprinted by Elsevier and Indexed by Scopus). Online version will be available at Science Direct within April or May 2015




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The archive of the presented paper of ICSEEA2012 (previous ICSEEA) can be found here.

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